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April 17, 2014 at 12:27pm
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(Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty)

(Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty)

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Lil Jon Feat Pastor Troy - Throw It Up (Excellent Quality) (by Real Hip Hop Channel 2)

if your songs ain’t even attempting to incite violence why do you even make music

April 16, 2014 at 4:58pm
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In the design of film and motion technology, a lot of this was conceived of the idea of the best representation of white people. And I don’t mean to say that it was a deliberate and exclusionary practice, but [it was] much more of a willful obliviousness, if you will. So color film in its early stages pretty much developed around trying to measure the image against white skin. …

— Light And Dark: The Racial Biases That Remain In Photography : Code Switch : NPR

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Funny South African Comedian Trevor Noah On Black Americans (by Justin Bieber)

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4thletter! » Blog Archive » Three Comics Kickstarters →

WHO is behind these three Kickstarters?

WHAT are these Kickstarters all about?

WHY do they make me feel good about comics?

WHEN are you going to back all of them?

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Cully Hamner design and style guides for Renee Montoya/The Question.

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Nichijou - Principal vs Deer (by Highperformancesolid)

Streaming as My Ordinary Life on Crunchyroll. It’s got good jokes, very Azumanga Daioh but with more Cromartie High in its veins.

April 15, 2014 at 4:10pm
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Marlene Dietrich, 1930s

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Larry Leong stunt reel (by circuitsage)

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YSO Trailer (by andrewsuleiman)

my dumb friend larry wrote and directed a silent martial arts movie like a million years ago

i liked it, it was charming and good

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the-postmodern-prometheus asked: Do you go in for boxing? I know you're a sports guy and have much fondness for fake fights, but how do you feel about that spot where the two meet?

Two points!

First point: I’m an ’80s baby, so I grew up watching Mike Tyson knock out everyone ever, Evander Holyfield, and toward the tail end, Lennox Lewis, who shows up on a skit on Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek’s Reflection Eternal Train of Thought album (Xzibit absolutely murders the song, it’s “Down for the Count”). I think Muhammad Ali provided the blueprint for a certain type of black manhood and has a swagger that can’t be matched.

So I’m definitely into boxing. Boxing manga and cartoons tend to wow me more because of the dedication and non-boxing aspects of boxing. I like Hajime no Ippo a whole lot, and I just got into Champion Joe 2, which is old but great. The boxing stuff is good, very good at times, but it’s not boxing boxing, if that makes sense. It’s a pantomime, a dramatization. I love that stuff. One story in one of those series ends with a boxer blinded by his own blood and throwing knockout punches unconsciously, because all he can do is throw punches at his coach’s mitts. He blows this guy away, the coach runs into the ring and catches a punch with his hands, says “nice punch” or whatever, and I had to rub my eyes a little bit because they got all blurry. That stuff is why I eat up fake boxing.

I like real boxing because it’s watching two people in peak condition exercising their talents in a major way. I love hard hits, I spend more time than I should on youtube looking at knockout punches both pro and amateur, but there’s something about someone slipping punches that drives me wild. A combo is devastating to see, but seeing someone dance around someone else throwing shots that would kill a man, holy cats. It’s a little more blatantly exciting in the cartoons thanks to deliberate pacing and such (I saw a fight with a dude whose overhead right sounded like a jet engine spinning up for like five seconds; it was great) but seeing it in real life is sort of quietly stunning. I love seeing unbelievable things in real life.

Though, with that said—I’m no expert. I don’t have a favorite fight or whatever, I can’t debate the GOAT, but I can appreciate the ones I see.

Second point: I’m an ’80s baby with a guilty conscience, I wish I was a better person than I am, I’m prone to making sweeping moral gestures that deprive me of stuff I’m into, and I think it’s messed up to watch somebody maybe ruin what should’ve been their years as a cool old retired boxer for my entertainment. So I don’t watch much boxing any more, though I’ll occasionally check on highlights and all that if I hear something wild happens. I’d probably go over a friend’s house to watch a PPV, but I don’t have many boxing friends close by (Los Angeles, tho…) and I haven’t actively sought out real boxing in a while, barring stuff like “I wonder what it was like when Foreman fought whoever, is that on youtube?” It’s just weird to know that as great as a lot of these folks were and are, they’re facing a future full of pain.

Action movies let me split the difference, I think. Action choreo tends to emphasize the stuff I like the most while OSHA guidelines or whatever minimize the risk. Even then, I have stuntman friends, and I’m real aware of which stunts are reasonable and which require a lil more self-sacrifice than you might expect.

I love boxing documentaries, though. When We Were Kings has been on my list for ages, and 30 for 30: Muhammad and Larry was real good.

(I barely watch football now, too, thanks to a few players I used to like killing themselves in such a way that they left their brains available for concussion studies. It’s the saddest thing.)

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"even dumb comics got good jokes" is about as close as I come to Pollyanna-dom

these are good jokes tho

(via 4thletter! » Blog Archive » Nisekoi: Love Hurts)

"even dumb comics got good jokes" is about as close as I come to Pollyanna-dom

these are good jokes tho

April 14, 2014 at 7:48pm
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TWolves @ Warriors, last home game of the season

TWolves @ Warriors, last home game of the season

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I saw Chiney Ogwumike and her sister Nneka play in a hotel bar after a missed flight one year and I was really impressed. I had the pleasure of seeing Ogwumike and Stanford play Cal live this year, too. She’s great.

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mrretardcool asked: David brothers sees racism everywhere he looks. The guy is totally paranoid.


I don’t think he was even saying that Bone was racist, just that this idea of us all being birthed out as perfect “I could never be racist!” beings—is no way to have a real conversation.  I think a lot of racism or sexism or homophobia or whatever are often couched in nothing malicious, but just going along with shit that we’re used to. Sometimes how we treat people other than us isn’t something we can even see ourselves. 

Humans learn sometimes by doing fucked up stupid shit and then trying to do better afterwards. 

annnd I kind of think we’re deep in racism. Like America is gonna just build a nation on slavery and then just slide into casual fridays. 

Are you guys talking about me????

Nah but Brandon gets what I’m throwing. I read and liked Bone, I don’t remember seeing anything suspect, but who knows what the book banner was on about. I just think if you can’t recognize the fact racism is both literally and figuratively omnipresent in American culture then you’ll be the first against the wall when we finally put the sword to all you white de—

I mean…uh…Brandon gets it. America was built on racist principles and we’re all still digging our way out. You’re not special just because you never lynched anybody. I’m not special just ‘cause I never lynched anybody.

You should get at me directly next time, though, Mr Retard Cool. I’m easy to find and easier to please. I don’t even mean that in a tough guy, I’ll say mean things about you on the internet, I’ll be a dick about terms to you because I think you’re wrong, I’m gonna be as condescending as I can because you and this argument are beneath me kind of way. We could have a real conversation instead of you running to tattle on me to my friends.

stay cool,