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April 5, 2013 at 12:49pm

Deconstructing Lana Del Rey | SPIN | Profiles | Deconstructing →

I discovered Lana Del Rey in the middle of the backlash in 2011 (I thought it was 2012; I’m bad at telling time) and decided that I should just wait to check her out because I wasn’t going to find anything good to read about her at that point in time. In 2012, I heard her on Bobby Womack’s album and was pretty impressed, but still held off because… of effort, I guess, I don’t know. But I read Liz Barker writing about liking Lana Del Rey and Liz liked her so much and did such a good job of showing that off that I went and finally listened to Born to Die and I liked it, too. So now I’m looking for things to read. This is an interesting one, and I like the writer’s style, too. Thanks to Chris “Chris” Randle for linking me to it.


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