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June 5, 2013 at 7:27pm

hipogram said: Dude, very exciting to know you're at Image now (and congratulations, by the way). I know that in the past, you've expressed hesitations about going deeper into the comics industry (at least, on the writing side), knowing some of the shadier things that Big Two comics have been up to. Without calling you out, I am curious how you moved from that stance to accepting the Image gig-- if anything, because I think that's a great fit, and I'm happy to see you have a bigger influence in the industry.

Fair question, though the lack of interest in writing comics doesn’t really have anything to do with the ridiculous stuff that goes on. I think I’ve said before that pretty much the only thing I could do in comics was edit. I’ve had this idea for an anthology at Marvel for a fair few years. Basically, it’d be named Jungle Action, and would be an anthology produced entirely by black creators, including editors, in the vein of Strange Tales/Girl Comics. Anyway. Nobody steal that idea. ™®©2013 chumps

I never really thought twice about becoming a comics editor because it wasn’t really on my radar as a job, outside of a couple of freelance editing/consulting gigs. It was something I could do if asked, but I never thought about trying it, if that makes sense. So when Image asked, it was a new enough idea that I was very open to it, and I realized it was on the one side of the industry I’d be interested in experiencing more than any other, outside of being whoever it is gets to keep the billion dollars from the Avengers. It’s not so much a change in stance so much as the creation of another related one. Which sounds dumb, I know, but it sorta makes sense to me.


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